Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where Was I?

Wow, I completely missed Get out of the Rut Tuesday.  Where was I, you ask.  I was busy like an elf trying to get the Christmas shirts done for the kids.

Krissy had asked for this Minnie Mouse gingerbread girl.  I think she turned out pretty cute, and I again embellished her with some crystals.  The shirt is red, although it looks more like an orange.  That's one.

 This is the applique that Bubby chose -- the Grinch.  Whether you love Christmas or hate it, you have to love the Grinch.  His shirt is a bright blue, and I love the way it turned out.  That's two!

Kristin has requested Santa Claus for her kids.  I have a really cute pattern, and that will be done tomorrow.  Pat wants a snowman, and Pam wants the Grinch.  Mary is getting a snowman that is Minnie Mouse.

On Sunday, I did two shirts for my Mom -- a Santa and a really cute penguin holding a candy cane.

For "Get out of the Rut Tuesday" I decided to make German Potato Soup.  I hadn't made it for quite some time because the twins don't care for it.  But since they weren't coming for dinner and I have a nasty cold, I made the soup.  I didn't have any ham, but I figured I could use bacon.  Kristin was going to Walmart and I had the kids, so she picked me up some ham.  Who knew that you could buy pre-diced ham in the grocery store.  Not Me! But she brought me a pack and it was big enough that I could put half of it in the freezer.  The  soup was so warming, and I swear that when you don't feel well, soup makes you feel a little better.

I've decided to make biscotti to give to my friends and neighbors for Christmas.  I've not made it before, but all the comments on the recipes I've chosen say it's very simple.  I love orange cranberry bread, so I will definitely be making cranberry orange biscotti.  Mary has been buying gingerbread biscotti in the market, but now they don't seem to have it.  Gingerbread is another type on my list.  And then expresso and possibly one with dried apricots and pistachios.  I'm hungry now, looks like I better go and get breakfast.


Nancy said...

I LOVE German Potato Salad...will you share your soup recipe? I love making soup in the winter...

Pat said...

I love homemade soups, too. The shirts look terrific, Linda. I wish I could figure out the church's embroidery machine as I could then use it for some things. :( (It is presently at my house, too.) Hope you feel better soon!

Lindabee said...

Just added a page to the right sidebar. Will post recipes there. The cheeseburger soup is really good, too.

Nani said...

Homemade soup is the best, regardless of the flavor! But German Potato Soup sound very filling and berry warming. Warm from the inside out is the way to go for a cold!

Feel better soon, Linda!!