Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Almost Thanksgiving,

Can Christmas be far behind?  All twelve of the princesses are fused onto the blocks, and now I just have to the finishing stitching.  The weather this coming weekend is supposed to be nasty, and I think it will be a perfect weekend to move the sewing machine into the living room, and stitch the princesses while I watch football and Christmas movies.  Rod is off on Friday and we will have Kristin's kids, so he plans on putting the Christmas lights around the front deck.  And afterward, we can have hot chocolate with whipped cream.

I'm sure all of us has seen "The Christmas Story" at least once.  I love that movie (although Mary hates it).  At one point the narrator says, "Now it is well known throughout the Midwest that the old man is a turkey junkie.  A bona fide golly turkicanis freak.  A few days before Christmas his eyes would begin to gleam with a wild ravenous light." That is exactly how I feel about Thanksgiving.  Just thinking about that turkey makes my mouth start to water.  I could probably live on roast turkey (as long as there was bacon and an occasional steak thrown in).  So, we buy the biggest turkey we can find.  And on Black Friday, when everyone is fighting the craziness of shopping, we stay home and enjoy hot turkey sandwiches on homemade bread.  I'll be making homemade buns for Thanksgiving dinner, but tucked away in a non-conspicuous corner of the house will be a loaf of homemade light honey wheat bread.

Are you sitting down?  No, really - sit down!  This will be such a shock that I can't be held responsible for anyone who isn't sitting down.  This morning, this very morning, I went to the sewing room and folded all the fabrics that I had used for the princess appliques, and - are you ready?? - Put It Away!!!  Yes, every last scrap is put in its proper place.  And now, I'm ready to start fusing the appliques for Bubby's Mario quilt.  Will I make it before Christmas?? I sure hope so.

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