Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Whine Fest

We haven't had a Wednesday Whine Fest for a while, but today I feel the need to whine a little.  Maybe not so much whine as complain.  I do a lot of internet shopping, and most times am very pleased with the service I receive.  Often I find the customer service to be amazing.  But not this time.  Monday AM very early I received an email from a company, which shall remain nameless, regarding a special.  It was something I really wanted, and so I immediately clicked on the link.  However, what came up was not what was pictured in the email. I couldn't even find the item in their on-line catalog. After several tries, I phoned their customer service department and voiced my concern.  I was told that they would check into it and email me the proper link before lunch.  After waiting until late afternoon, I googled the item and ordered it from a different company.  Imagine my surprise and delight when the item arrived yesterday afternoon by FedEx.  And still I haven't heard from the first company.  Can you say "lost customer"??

My second whine involves all the advertised "Black Friday" sales.  How can it be considered Black Friday when these stores are opening on Thanksgiving evening.  And when one merchant announces opening at 9, another has to beat that by opening at 8.  What happened to the one day designated for "giving thanks"?  What happened to a "family holiday"?  What happened to "over the river and through the woods to grandma's house"?  My heart goes out to those people who will be required to work these holiday hours, and probably receive no extra pay.  My raspberry award goes out to the merchants who are doing this.  Shame On You!!

 But on a happier note - Two more princesses are finished and I have only two more to go.  Pocahontas's neck looks a little large, Not sure how that happened. Might have to fix that.
Tiana looks pretty good.  Can you tell she's my favorite princess?

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Nani said...

The princesses look great! I have so much catching up to do from being without my computer for a couple weeks!

I do most of my Christmas shopping online and try to stick to the sites that I've had good results with before, but there are some items that I search and search for and but it where I find it. But I know how you feel about customer service; it makes all the difference in whether or not I indeed am a customer!

The stores that open ON Thanksgiving are disgusting to me. I don't do the Black Friday sales; too many reports of violence last year, happy holidays, huh? But to eat into a holiday of thanks for the sake of greed is just beyond simply indecent. I'm totally whining with you on that one, Linda!