Sunday, March 24, 2013

End of Week Summary

This week was a busy one for me, and I accomplished quite a bit.  I was able to finish all the blocks for both of the Saddle Up quilts.  Then, since the embroidery machine was all warmed up, I decided to embroider some bibs for the Etsy shop.  I have been somewhat disappointed because I have had no sales in the Etsy shop.  But surprisingly,  I received an order for a quilt from someone who had visited my Pinterest site and had seen some of my quilts there.  And I received an order for 10 bibs from a friend who had seen a post of mine on Facebook.  Funny how things happen!!!.

When I went searching for the patterns for the quilt, I realized that they were on the old laptop (or so I thought).  So, I plugged it in, and the patterns weren't there.  I have no idea where they went to, they seem to have just vanished into thin air.  The Photodraw program that I loved working with (and has been discontinued by Microsoft) was still on the old laptop, so I started from scratch, and had new patterns in no time.  Friday evening I had placed a bid on a Photodraw program that I could install on my new laptop, and won that bid on Saturday morning.  Hopefully it will run on the new laptop.  Today I traced all the pieces for the applique quilt onto WonderUnder.  I have never used it before, I always use Heat N Bond.  But I will give it a try.  So tomorrow I will start fusing those patterns.  I chose my fabrics for the quilt, and emailed the choices to the person who placed the order.  She approved them, and they are ordered.  I work on the fusing in the sewing room because I don't want the iron here in the living room when the kids are here.  But I can use the embroidery machine in the living room, so I can work on the bibs this week.

We're expecting a winter storm tonight into tomorrow.  It's always nice to sit here in the warm house and watch it snow outside. Hope you had a great weekend.  Stay warm this week.

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