Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Marches On

Can you believe that it's nearly April.  Someone needs to tell Mother Nature.  Yesterday was the first day that we haven't had some snow flurries since "Spring" started.  But this morning the birds were singing beautifully even before the sun had come up.  I for one will be glad to see March leave.

I've started sewing in the living room.  The kids can still watch their TV programs (and not be tempted to get into the many "interesting" things in the sewing room) and I can still accomplish something.  Jake has finally learned not to touch the sewing machine.  So, I've gotten a lot finished this past week.  I finished the 10 bibs that were ordered.  I just have to fuse the backing on them and get them ready to mail.  I traced off all the patterns for the quilt that was ordered.  I'm hoping to sew in the sewing room a little bit tomorrow, since we're having our Easter dinner with the kids tonight.

Dinner is pretty much under control.  The ham is is the largest crock pot, while the turkey is in the electric roaster on the back deck.  The cheesy hash brown casserole is in the medium crock pot, while the picnic beans and the stuffing are in two of the crock pots in the trio.  The crust for the Cream Puff Dessert is baked and cooling nicely.  Rod is checking his eyelids for holes, and I'm watching Pirates of the Caribbean while I type.  The kids Easter Baskets are finished.

Here's hoping you have a safe and blessed holiday.

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