Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hugs, Kisses, Smiles, Fun and Food

Mary found a summer job, and I volunteered to keep the kids.  Since I already keep Kristin's kids while she works, that means I have all 4 grand kids every day.  Mary's kids arrive promptly at 7:15 every morning (the butt crack of dawn as Mary puts it).  Kristin's kids arrive at varying times, depending on her schedule for the day.  Most days, it's tons of fun.  Other days, when one is in a bad mood or they're all fighting, not so much!  Krissy is nearly 13 now, so she's a lot of help with the other three.  Who knew that four kids could eat so much.  It seems like someone is eating constantly!!  Yesterday we decided to have English muffins along with fruit and a cookie for lunch .  Big mistake - big, big!  Just trying to get the toaster to cooperate with 4 muffins was a job.  Some of the muffins got stuck in the toaster, some popped high in the air, and one actually popped like it was supposed to. Then one wanted peanut butter, one wanted strawberry cream cheese, one wanted regular cream cheese, and one wanted half peanut butter and the other half strawberry cream cheese.   But we all laughed.

One day last week, Krissy took the sale ads from the paper and made paper hats for everyone.  Then they went outside to the back deck, hung an old cloth shower curtain as a sail, and played pirates.  There's a small tent on the back deck, and I had bought two camping sets, complete with toy lanterns, toy Coleman cookers, and some skillets and canteens.  They seemed to have a really good time, and sometimes I'm amazed at their imaginations.

I am just so blessed to be able to be so close to my grandkids.  We all have such a good time together. So, my summer promises to be one filled with hugs, kisses, smiles, fun and food.

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