Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Blahs!

Why are some Mondays worse than others?  This is how I feel this morning - no energy.  Not quite sure why, though.  It certainly wasn't a hectic weekend!  Saturday we basically did very little.  We got a new burning barrel delivered. No energy needed on our part. Rod went to the nearby butcher shop to pick up the meat order I had placed on Friday.  No energy on my part.  We grilled some sweet sausage for lunch.  Not a hard job!  Then we spent the rest of the day watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.  I never dreamed that I would enjoy the Harry Potter series of books and movies like I do.  Neither Rod nor I felt much like cooking the meal of stuffed patty pan squash that we had planned.  But we had a meal of stuffed peppers in the freezer, which we pulled out and stuck in the oven.  Not hard, no energy!  Rod made a pan of brownies - dumped the mix in the bowl, added the needed ingredients, and stirred the batter before putting it in a pan.  OK, maybe a little energy needed.  It was a great day!!!

Sunday we went to Costco and bought some much needed things.  We even managed to escape before it got too busy.  On the way home I invited the kids by text message to dinner.  Had a great meal planned.  We had seen Robert Irvine on Restaurant Impossible cook ribs by putting a rub on them, wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap and baking them in the oven at 225 degrees for 2 hours.  I even googled recipe to make sure we had it right.  Robert said they were tender, moist and delicious.  NOT!!!  Oh they were moist alright, but they were so tough that you couldn't pull the meat off with a fork.  Generally, I do ribs in the crock pot and cook them for 8 hours.  Guess I should have realized that 2 hours just wasn't going to "cut" it.  (Pun intended)  We had tons left over and so tomorrow, they go into the crock pot and I'm hoping  I can salvage them.  We cooked the corn that we had received in our CSA box this past week, and it was delicious.  And we did cucumber, tomatoes and, mozzarella cheese with a little sliced onion for a salad.  Usually I add Italian dressing to this salad, but it tasted so good that we just ate it the way it was. The cucumbers were also from our CSA box, along with some small carrots, a pint of blueberries, 4 large peaches, and of course, the corn.  Joining CSA was a really good idea.

It had been rumored that free dining was becoming available for our trip to Disney in December. Supposedly it would be released today, but alas, it hasn't happened.  And I have to admit that's a big part of my blahs.  Tonight for dinner, I'm planning a nice, old fashioned, meatloaf and some zucchini fritters.  My own version of comfort food.

I always try to look for a silver lining in every dark cloud, so I guess I'll just say that if the week starts out this blah, then it has to get better.

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