Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why Do We Ask Why??

Meet my grandson, James (Bubby).  Bubby was born with Spina Bifida.  When the doctors closed the hole in his spine, he ended up with hydrocephalus, and that is when the trouble started.  A shunt needed to be inserted into his brain, and the doctor doing the surgery nicked a blood vessel.  This resulted in a bleed into the brain and subsequent aneurysm.  When they clamped off the aneurysm, it was like Bubby had a stroke.  Now he is unable to walk independently, his right side is much weaker than the left, and he has learning disabilities and a seizure disorder.  And he never questions "why".  Here he is with the Mario Brothers quilt I made him.  He loves video games.

He is a huge sports fan, and loves Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu from the Steelers,  and Sydney Crosby and James Neal from the Penguins.  One year for Halloween, he wanted to be Troy.  I thought this was the cutest Halloween costume I'd ever seen.  But Bubby never lets his disabilities hold him back.
He plays baseball with the Miracle League of Southwestern Pennsylvania. He runs the bases with his walker.  He can't really run the bases, but he never asks "Why".

He swims in the pool that he got from the Make A Wish Foundation. He can't really swim using his arms and legs, but he never asks "Why".

And he can lead the Conga Line at family weddings.  He can't hold onto the others, or kick his feet like they do, but he never asks "Why".

He has just always wanted to be like the other kids, and thanks to the Variety Club and the generosity of others, he was given an adaptive bike.  Now he can ride bikes at the park like the other kids.  He pedals it himself and is learning to steer it more carefully. He can't ride a two wheeler, but he never asks "Why".
He enjoys riding roller coasters at Kennywood.  He loves chicken nuggets, french fries, bologna, and pizza.  He loves to laugh, he has a wonderful smile.  He is so full of life and love.  And sometimes, when he least expects it . . . .  he can fly.
And he never asks, "Why".  So why do we??

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