Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Busy Week

Wowser, it's been a busy week. Last Saturday I got a big zero done. Rod decided that we needed to check out the Hobby Lobby store which is nearest to us. So, we took off for Ohio. I needed bandana fabric anyway, and the weather kept us from going to the Harrisburg show. Hobby Lobby was pretty impressive, but the prices were a little higher than I expected. I did find my bandana fabric though. Then Rod stopped at two train shops since we "were already here". He bought a new Steeler car for his collection. Then he treated me to lunch at Quaker Steak and Lube, a really great place for wings. Sunday I watched the Steelers win big. Go Steelers!!

Monday I finished up the neck coolers for Mary, since her family was leaving Tuesday for Disney in Florida. This time at Disney, Bubby actually made it to 11 A.M. before asking to go to Grammy's. I can't believe that I'm more fun than Disney!!! Yesterday my sewing machine was smoking. I finished up buttonhole stitching the pirate appliques for Mary's Christmas quilt, and did another of the Sesame characters for Izzy's quilt. More rain is in the forecast for this weekend, so I'm planning on doing the bandanas on Saturday in the living room while watching college football. Although Rod is talking about going shopping again. Shopping, isn't that supposed to me a woman's desire? The big train show in York is coming up in October, and he has two items he wants to find before then. I found one, now to locate the other. I'll have to post pictures of the train layout soon. Since the Steeler game isn't till evening this Sunday, maybe I can talk him into staying home of Saturday and going shopping on Sunday. Hmmmm!!! Have a great week, and weekend.

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