Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Already?

Wow, was this a fast week? Probably because it's a short one and the kids are back in school. And how I miss my Kristina!!! She's my oldest grandaughter, nearly 8 years old and was such a big help this summer. Izzy and Bubby miss her too, you should see how excited they both get when she gets home from school. There's a very special bond between Krissy and I. After Bubby was born, and had so many problems, Krissy stayed with me when everyone else went to the hospital. I was her little bit of consistency, and she kept me from going crazy with worry. When Bubby had his first grand mal seizure on the day of Krissy's kindergarten orientation, her Aunt Tissy took her to orientation while Mary rode to the hospital with Bubby in the ambulance. After orientation, Krissy came back here and together we made her a pillow to take to kindergarten the next day. We have become each other's security blanket -- we give strength to each other, we comfort each other, we are very special to each other. Where is this going? Well, Krissy has more of my quilts than any one, it was her idea to get a new quilt each year for her birthday. This year she picked out cat fabric for her sashings and picked a cat pattern for the blocks. But she really loves the character applique quilts I've been doing for her brother and cousin. Krissy is a great Lion King fan. She has a Lion King collection to rival no others. So, as a surprise, I've decided to do her a Lion King quilt for her birthday. It's a "kitty" quilt -- they're just big kitties. Now I don't know if I should use the Lion King fabric I have for the sashings, or make it a little more grown up by possibly using an African animal print for the sashings and borders. I guess I'll have to think on that one! Have a great weekend.


Nancy said...

Can't wait to see the finished quilt for Krissy. What a wonderful surprise that will be!

I vote for the grown up animal print..(oh?, you weren't taking a vote? LOL)

Pat (Riker) said...

She ISN'T taking a vote?? Oh, dear, as I was going to vote in favor of the grown-up animal print sashing, too. At the age of 8, they soon want to shed anything they consider "childish", so I think she'll love something a bit more grown up yet still showing some of her favorites, too.

Just Call Me Lindabee said...

I decided yesterday AM to go with the animal prints, and ordered some from Equilter. I ordered 4 different and will border each block with 1 of the 4 before putting them together - no sashing. I glad you left your comments, it helps me to know that I made the right choice. We had seen Lion King -the Broadway musical and I think this ties them together.