Friday, September 26, 2008


Wow, I seem to only find time to post on Friday. Wednesday was Izzy's first birthday, and although the party isn't until tomorrow, Kristin made cupcakes and had the immediate family to the house on Wednesday evening for cake. You can see that Izzy had a ball with her first cupcake.

I did finish up her quilt and made a pillowcase to wrap it in. Here's the photo taken by DD Mary (my official photographer)

I'm working on a quilt for Pat to give to a friend at a baby shower on Oct. 11. The appliqued pieces are big and quick to buttonhole stitch. Rod's been out of town since Wednesday AM, but comes home this afternoon. I sure miss him. Have a great weekend.


Val said...

Darling picture of Izzy with that cupcake, ha! And love the Sesame Street quilt, just darling. Good job, wish I could start and finish things as fast as you seem to! Another Sloanie.

Mary said...

Oh she is tooooo adorable!! Love your quilt! Hugs, Mary