Friday, September 19, 2008

Where did the week go???

It's Friday, and the whole week is gone. We were without cable and internet service from Sunday until Wednesday night. I felt as though I was cut off from the rest of the world.
Mary and her family spent last week in Disney World in Florida. Here's a photo of them with Mickey and Minnie. (Mary made the shirts - aren't they cool???) They flew back on Monday evening to find a tree uprooted in their yard, but the house was cool and they had electric and cable. However, sometime through the night the power went out and she was without power until Wednesday night. It's tough to keep the kids occupied when there's no power. It really hits home what those stricken by Ike are going through.

I got a lot accomplished this past week. Izzy's Sesame Quilt is ready for quilting. I'll have to post a photo. And I finished the top for Mary's pirate quilt. Also hemmed three pair of pants for DD Pam. And, I finished block #9 for Kristin's Christmas quilt. Hope I can finish up Izzy's quilt this weekend. Have a great one!!!

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Pat said...

Sorry you had no power for several days. You are right, does foster an appreciation for those who go weeks/months without power after a massive storm hits their area. Little do we realize how we take our utilities for granted. Love the photo of the family at WDW. Can't wait to see your newly-finished quilt photos.

Pat in DE