Saturday, February 28, 2009

Train Layout

I've been telling you about hubby Rod's train layout. We go to train shows, train shops, and buy offline. (We do quilt shows, too) I thought that you'd like to see some of the photos of what he's been working on. It starts with the framework, made of 2 x 4's and plywood. Then he covered it with homesote, a building material that helps to deaden sound. Then we added layers of rolled newspaper, which were covered with plaster cloth. The plaster cloth dries and hardens, and then is painted. He's doing the wiring now, and soon we will be able to start with the landscaping. It's been quite a process, with so many of the family helping. DGD Krissy loves the people and does a lot of the arranging of buildings and people. We've tried to include areas that remind us of our life together. Main Street is very much like the little town of Beaver, PA where Rod and I both grew up.

This area is to remind us of our camp. The tent represents how we started there, and the two trailers are representative of camp now, the trailers are ours and Mary's.

We live now in a rural area, and love the farms. Amish friends of ours have a farm slightly similar to ours here.

We used to go to a carnival sponsored by a local fire department. My deceased brother-in-law was very instrumental in the maintenance of this carnival, moving in all the booths, and keeping the whole thing in operation. Keith has now passed on, and so has the carnival. But it lives on our layout. All the rides are operational, even the roller coaster. The midway area has a ring toss game, bottle game, camel races, and of course, food!!

This is the logging area. Note the Heinz Ketchup sign, we love our light-up signs. We grew up with Heinz products, and now it also represents Heinz field, home of our Pittsburgh Steelers. In the logging area there is an operating sawmill.

This area we call the turnpike area. Whenever we go to quilt shows or train shows, we seem to always take the turnpike. There is a covered bridge in our local park, and of course more farms. Note the Steeler water tower. You can see a small gazebo, this area will be the park in our hometown, complete with benches and street lamps. We still have a long way to go, but I thought you'd like to see what's done so far.


Mary said...

Amazing! I can't believe how far he's come since he started it!

Pat said...

This is all so nice. A long-deceased uncle of mine had his entire basement set up with a homemade train layout. It was massive and SO detailed. I was too young to truly appreciate it....and by the time I was old enough to understand the work it took, the layout (and my uncle) were gone. :(