Thursday, March 5, 2009

What I'm working on

I have a terrible history of joining BOM's and never finishing them. While taking my sampler class, I joined a BOM that was to be an attic windows quilt made from batik stars. DD Mary loves batiks, and I figured that the quilt would go to her. I started piecing the blocks by hand, but batiks are really hard to hand sew. I put it away, but when I decided that 2009 would definitely be a "Finish It Up" year, I pulled them out again. I have one last block to finish piecing today, and they will be ready to put together into a top. Unfortunately, I never saw the finished quilt at my local shop, and now it is closed. I emailed the owner for the finishing directions, and only got 2 of the 3 pages (just a mistake I'm sure). So now I'm sort of flying blind with the finishing of this quilt. According to the directions, it was supposed to have medium and dark brown sills and posts. But DD Mary didn't want brown on her quilt, so she chose her own colors. And although I didn't like them at first, she made some really good choices.

This is the block I've finished with the sill and post that Mary chose. The colors of the quilt are in those pieces, and I think she made a great choice.

Here's another of the blocks.

And still another block. I'll have to post photos of the finished top when I get it done.

But, here's another project that I've nearly "Finished Up". Go Me.


Pat said...

Very nice...I have a pretty good collection of batiks and want to do something with them soon.

Mary said...

Good for you Lindabee!! Love the colors, Hugs, Mray