Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy, Busy

As I've mentioned before, Mom has moved to an assisted living facility. Since her move in April, Rod has been after me to move my sewing room back into the larger room. I've gotten fabric for new curtains, although they aren't made yet. I ordered orange ball fringe to put on the bottom of the new curtains, which will be made from the fabric I posted on here a few weeks ago. So on Sunday we started the move. DGD Krissy was here and helped me to unload the first large shelving unit. Rod was able to move it into the new room without moving the bookcase in the hall, and the mess - I mean move - was begun. The shelves that Rod had made for the other room fit into the new room like a glove. I ordered a super satchel cube to put my super satchels in, and it fits in quite nicely where I had planned. All my fabric was refolded before putting it back on the shelves, and it really made the room look neater. We've got to buy a new baseboard heater for that room, and then the shelves which go under the windows can be put back in. And after that, we can return the boxes of FQ's to those shelves and bring in the sewing table. This room has two windows, whereas the other room only had one, so I should have a lot more natural light. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to start sewing again. Right now I have two rooms that look like cyclones went through, but as soon as the new one is completed, I will post photos.

The first pre-season game is tonight, and so you know where I'll be tonight at 8:00. Go Steelers. Have a good week.

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