Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have you seen these???

Aren't they pretty? Sure wish I had an entire driveway paved in this rock, because they are chocolate. Yep, chocolate. I remember as a kid, when we went camping on vacation, the little store had these candies and my parents would buy them for us. I hadn't seen them for years, and then on Friday night when I was shopping at Walmart, there they were. Right there on the shelf. So I picked up two containers -- one for here, and one for my mom. I gave hers to her on Sunday when she was here for dinner, and she remembered buying them for us on vacation, too. I thought the grandkids would get a kick out of them. Bubby didn't like them at all; Krissy thought they were cool, but didn't like the taste, and Izzy - well, Izzy loves anything chocolate. When she was here yesterday, she went on the candy hunt and found the container. We had to hide it to keep her from eating the rest.

When I googled them to see if I could find any pictures to post, I was surprised to see how many places have them for sale -- and some suggested using them for wedding favors. Others have them in small bags for Halloween treats. So, check out Chocolate River Rocks.

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