Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Camp Sloanie

Pat Sloan is sponsoring a sew along weekend this coming weekend.  She calls it Camp Sloanie and has provided a free pattern for a "Stashbuster" Quilt.
I have decided to participate, and surprisingly enough, I have found the drive to get started.

This is the group of greens, mixed with a little orange, that I have pulled to use for this quilt.  The large piece of green at the bottom will be my "solid" in the half square triangle block we're doing.

This is the pink/purple grouping I have chosen for my second color.  The large pink piece will be my "solid" for the half square triangle.

And, voila!! Here's my first block.  I have a total of four blocks made from this strip grouping.  Once my blocks are nearing completion, I will audition block placement to see which layout I want to use.

It feels so good to be in the sewing room again, and actually using the sewing machine.  I'm anxious to see this project to completion.  Will keep you updated.

Yesterday I finally ventured out to the hairdresser's for a much needed new "do".  The color was old, faded, and very much grown out, and the style was most definitely out-grown frumpie.  And today, I feel refreshed, revitalized, and much more attractive.  It's funny how a new hairdo can make you feel like a new person.  And I really needed it, since I was starting to dislike the old person.  And so I've made myself a promise -- I will never go 5 months without a cut/color again.

It's snowing again -- big surprise.  But this morning I can sit here in the living room and watch the birds at the feeder.  Our bird feeder is close to the front deck, and the birds sit on the railing and patiently await their turn at the feeder.  All except the blue jays, who seem to think they own the feeder.  We've got a few pairs of cardinals who visit on a regular basis.  And always the male sits by and stands guard while his lady eats.

Well, it's off to breakfast and then some more birdwatching.  Izzy's coming today, and sewing with an active two year old isn't a task I have mastered.

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