Monday, February 22, 2010

Finish It Up

Oh Yea.  The sun has given me the push I needed to start doing some sewing.  I started working on the blocks I was hand piecing for a quilt for my mom.  I haven't done anything on these blocks since about Thanksgiving.  I had seen these fabrics on clearance on one of my favorite internet sites, and bought them thinking they would make a great quilt someday.  I'm so pleased with how the quilt blocks look.

These are six of the blocks I have finished.  The block at the center left is called "stamp baskets".  I get a lot of my blocks from Quilter's Cache.  It's a really great site with some unique blocks, and there are more blocks than you can imagine.  The blocks at the top are Dresden Plate on the left, and a block called Balkan Puzzle which is on the right.

These are the last four blocks which are finished.  The sashing has been attached.  I still have two blocks to finish.  I have Bear Tracks (another block from Quilter's Cache) and Card Trick to finish.  Bear Tracks is a Bear Paw variation, and I have one "paw" to finish.  Card Trick is cut and marked, and I should start it today.  I'm hoping that I can put this together on Tuesday, and get it ready to send to the longarm quilter this weekend.  It sure feels good to be working again, and to finish up a project which should have been done long before this.  Good thing my mom's a patient woman.


Pat said...

That looks very good. Does your mom know you've been working on it for her or is it a surprise? I'm thinking she knows since you said she has been patient. LOL

Lindabee said...

Yes, she knows. It was supposed to be for Christmas, but Santa brought her something else instead.