Monday, February 15, 2010

Two for the Price of One

I couldn't resist doing a second post for today.  I know that lately I've been talking all about the weather, but that's about all that has been going on here.  But today I glanced out the window and saw some of the most beautiful icicles that I've ever seen.

Have you ever heard of glass artist Dale Chihuly?  He does some really amazing glass sculptures.  This is one of his pieces.  I have always loved glass, and some of Mr. Chihuly's make you think of seaweed, and other colorful and twisted undersea creations.  But, when I looked out the window this afternoon, the icicles sort of reminded me of one of Mr. Chihuly's art pieces.

This isn't glass, but an icicle sculpted by the sun and the Man Upstairs.  It's almost like crystal.  and I was just amazed to see how part of it was clear and other sections were frosted.

And here's another shot of the front of the house.  With these beautiful ice sculptures, who needs icicle lights?  And how exactly did I capture these pieces of art?  Well, I put up the window, put up the screen and then stuck my little ol' head out the window and snapped the photos.  Hey, it's cold out there, and I wasn't about to go out to take pictures.  One thing these last few snowstorms have done is to make me appreciate even more the beauty you can find in nature if you just take time to look.


Pat said...

LOVE your icicles. I got a photo of my granddaughter holding icicles her dad had snapped off and handed her in the kitchen on the weekend. She got a big kick out of that!

~Marge~ said...

How lovely! There's something quite magical about icicles.

Linda B said...

Love those icicles. I suppose you don't want to hear that I mowed my lawn on Saturday?