Thursday, September 9, 2010

7 Days to Go

I guess it's not really dreaming any more - it's a reality.  One week from now, I should be on an airplane nearing the Orlando airport.  It's that close, and I'm starting to panic.  I just feel that somehow I was more prepared for the last trip.  I seem to have nothing done, and think I will make a list today of what needs to be done -- just so I'll feel better.  And zowie!!  Daughter Pat has been saying all along that she wasn't going on this trip.  But just this very minute, she called to say that she had changed her mind, and now daughter Mary is scrambling to make all her arrangements.  I'm so excited. I really wanted Pat to go too, and now she is.

I think I've said more than once that fall is my favorite season.  Fall foliage, football, cool breezes, and homemade soup -- what could be better!!  And I'm so excited about seeing the fall decorations at Walt Disney World.  They look so beautiful in the photos in the link, but I'll bet they are even more stunning in person.  It's been years since I went trick-or-treating.  And one of the activities that we have planned is to attend Mickey's Not So Scarey Halloween Party.  One of the most popular events here is that even the grown-ups get to go trick -or-treating.  How cool will that be!!!  A lot of the characters that you don't see during the rest of the year make an appearance during the Halloween party.  So, I need to take the quilt blocks that I didn't get signed the last trip.

And now, I need to stop. . . take a deep breath. . .  and get my rear into gear.

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Pat said...

I"m getting excited right along with you (although our trip won't be at a time of year with any fun decorations or special parties). Thanks for the tip on that agent you use! She seems really nice!