Friday, September 24, 2010

Port Orleans -- French Quarter

Front of the main building at FQ

Since Pat from DE is curious about the French Quarter resort at Walt Disney World, I'll start there today.  We just spent 6 days at French Quarter (FQ), and I loved it.  Our travel agent recommended it since it's one of the smallest resorts at WDW,  it's quiet, and very romantic.

If you are staying at a WDW resort, you are eligible to use Disney's Magic Express.  This is a bus service which Disney provides free of charge to transport their guests to and from the airport.  They provided a bus with a lift for my cart since I'm not able to do stairs.  Here is where the bus dropped us off on that first afternoon.  From here you proceed to registration inside this building.  The concierge service, Jackson Square gift shop and store, and the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory which is a food court is also located in this building.

We had requested a ground floor room, and our request was granted in building 7.  At first it seemed that building 7 was quite a distance from the main building, but we had wanted a quiet spot and we certainly got it.  The landscaping here at FQ is just beautiful, well maintained, and the whole area just smells so good.  There is boxwood (which I love), pine trees and other flowers and, when all those scents mingled, it was just wonderful.  We were on the back side of the building, and heard no noise, not even from the buses.

The best way to show you what the building and our  room  was like is by linking to this video.  The room in the video is exactly like our room.  At Disney, the housekeeping service is called Mousekeeping.  Our Mousekeeper was really good.  I showed you a photo of the towel bird we received one morning.  Another morning, we were surprised with a Mickey bow, which she made using the bathmat and a washcloth.  And, still another morning, our soaps were arranged into a "Mickey Head".  The room was always well cleaned.

Normal routine is to tip the Mousekeeper $1/person in the room per day.  When the service is good, Rod and I just leave a $5 bill and use special envelopes, which we leave on the pillow.  Last year, we used envelope designs available online by other Disney guests, but this year I designed our envelopes.  Here are some examples of the six different envelopes I designed.  Mary Poppins is always one of my favorite movies.

Although as a kid, I was terrified by Fantasia; I now appreciate it and used it for an envelope design.

This is the envelope we left on the final day.

Looking toward the buildings of French Quarter.

This is the area where you wait for the Magic Express to pick you up for returning to the airport at the end of your stay.

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Pat said...

I'm glad you liked the hotel. I was leaning toward building 6 or building someone on the allears Facebook page said none of the buildings are really far from where you get the bus to the parks. We will have our car and also wanted to make sure we can park near enough to unload our car comfortably...but I've been told that shouldn't be a problem with any of the buildings, either. Thanks for posting the Port Orleans French Quarter photos first!