Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grandmother's Garden

I decided to do my own take on Grandmother's Garden -- using fruit and veggie fabrics.  I had posted some photos of blocks before, but just couldn't wait any longer.  I started putting some of my blocks together.  I'm not quite sure if I've done it the right way -- it's pretty much hit and miss.  If the quilt police show up, I'm sure they'll have some criticism, but I'm OK with how it's turning out.  I probably should have put the black hexies on every block, but I've just been putting them wherever I need them.  Hey, it's a learning process.

Another busy weekend on tap.  Ball games on Saturday, and Phantom of the Opera on Sunday.  We're going to a matinee with the twins.  Rod and I saw it in Toronto about 15 years ago, but Pam and Pat have never seen it.  It's making it's farewell tour, and so we will be seeing it at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh.  It will be our second trip to the Benedum -- our first was to see the Lion King on Broadway with Mary and her family a few years ago.  Not real cultured are we?

I really have to get Izzy's quilt put together and quilted by the end of this weekend.


Pat said...

I have a lot of fruit and veggie fabrics and really need to do something with what YOU did with them!

JustCindy said...

Linda, it is just beautiful! If the quilt police show up, tell them you are out of donuts. ;)

Affectionately Me said...

I think they look amazing. I have a bucket that my mother gave me a few weeks ago that are filled with the already made tied circles , that my late grandmother and I had worked on 20 years ago. There isn't enough of them to make a quilt but I defiantly will be sewing them together to make something to hold on to in memory of my grandmother.

lexaryn said...

Lovelly garden. Nice arangements!