Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Since yesterday was a holiday, today is Monday/Tuesday.  Daughter Mary thinks that Monday/Tuesdays are worse than just plain Mondays.  I think she might be right, except that now there's only 3 work days left this week.  (Since it's late afternoon when I'm writing this)

Rod took a personal day on Friday, and we took the Izzy-Boo to Costco.  Whoa, there was a boatload of money dropped there.  But somethings are cheaper there.  So, I believe it's justified.  The kids were all here for a Friday night pizza night, and Mary, Pam, and I did the transfers onto the Tee shirts for Disney (which is in 9 days).  My job is really hard -- I have to cut out around some of the transfers.  Pluto's tail was a bugger, but I cut very slowly, and Pluto and his tail are still in tact.

Saturday I went for blood work, and then for groceries -- more money.  And then home for one of my favorite things in the whole wide world -- college football.  None of my fav teams were playing, so it was a good excuse to check the eyelids for holes.  It was chili and windy, and I wished most of the day that I had made soup.

Sunday was the best day.  The twins had never seen Phantom of the Opera.  Rod and I saw it in Toronto, but you didn't have to twist our arms to go into Pittsburgh to see it again.  This is supposed to be it's final tour, and Pam made all the arrangements for tickets.  We had really good seats, but the chairs were very uncomfortable.  You know that I'm a little Pooh shaped.  Do you remember as kids when you had those squeezie things (not the right name, I'm sure) that you squeezed to make their eyes bug out???  Well, I wish that someone, somewhere, could squeeze little ole me and make my legs pop out a little more.  To keep from sliding out of the seat, I had to sit with my little feet on their tippy toes.  Didn't seem like a big deal at the time, but oh were my legs and knees sore yesterday.  On the way home from Pittsburgh, we stopped at a steak house to have dinner with the twins.  It was a really fun day, and I'm so glad that we did it.

Yesterday, I got Izzy's quilt and a wall hanging pinned for quilting, and just tried to recuperate from Sunday.  Today I'm feeling pretty good.  Did some quilting this morning and played games this afternoon.  Now I'm watching TV with Izzy.  Hope your weekend was a good one.


JustCindy said...

I agree with Mary about Monday/Tuesday. They are the worst. You were so busy this weekend! Your poor feet and legs. I've always wanted to see Phantom of the Opera. Maybe it will come to my area.

Pat said...

Well...was going to send you an email through here to ask a few more specifics about your Disney trip......but don't see your email address anywhere here on a profile page. So......if you contact me, I"ll ask you then! Thanks!!! I always enjoy reading your blog posts, too....hope things stay hectic-free between now and the trip for you, too!