Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Said It Was a Mess!!

and I wasn't kidding.  I have mastered the art of not putting fabric away as I use it.  It must be a skill, it can't be something you acquire!!  This is what I needed to tackle.  This is the trash can in the room and a shot of the floor.  I'm sure that to the untrained eye this looks like someone has missed the trash can when attempting to toss some unneeded fabric.  But, oh no, that is not the case.  You see, I learned to quilt by watching a show that Eleanor Burns used to have on our local PBS show.  She always just tossed her fabric over her shoulder, and so I, being the dedicated student that I was, still practice this method of disposing of fabric.  (Sure wish someone had told me that Eleanor had people to clean this up after filming, and that they don't work for me!)

A few years ago, Rod bought me a beautiful sewing cabinet. The one side has shelves in it, and the other has bins on the door and one large half shelf.  The is where you would sit to sew with the door open. When I moved into this room I intended to use this as an ironing surface, and for a few weeks, I did.  But now, as you can see, I can't find the top of the cabinet let alone use the iron here.  And there is so much stuff in front of the one door that I can't even open it.

Moving around the room, we find the buffet that I bought for storage.  The base for my Zune is here, but not the Zune. (I need to locate that bugger).  We were getting rid of our computer desk, and I figured this section would make a great storage rack for my AccuQuilt GO cutter dies.  Now, I can't see them 'cause there's so much stuff piled in front of them.  And there's no way that the cutter will sit on the top.  Tsk, Tsk.  I should be ashamed.

Still moving around the room, here's yet another view of the die storage and some very neatly folded (NOT) fabric on this shelf.  Sure wish that I could subscribe to the belief that there's a place for everything and everything should go in it's place.  Remind me to work on that!

And last, but not least, is the window sill.  I wanted these shelves so badly, because I could envision what wonderful chachkas I could put on here.  There's the candle lamp (I keep these in all my front windows).  My two large nutcrackers are flanking the window, however, one won't look anywhere but out the window.  (He hates messes and confusion.)  Somewhere on here is a beautiful, little glass paperweight that Krissy bought me at the Santa shop, and a reed diffuser that I got from Yankee Candle.  I really need to clean this off because I bought a refill for the diffuser that will be arriving next week.  And these shelves hold a multitude of sins necessary notions, such of zippers, binding, quilting pins, etc.  So, as you can see, I really have a job ahead of me.  I went back here yesterday and  had started to clean off the buffet, when I found the quilt that I had started for my mom about a year ago.  Knowing how badly she wanted this quilt, I decided that I needed to finish it.  I was really ashamed when I opened it up and discovered that all it needed was the final border, a good ironing, and the backing (the border was already cut).  Being the type of person who will do anything to avoid cleaning, I put on the final border, and am working on piecing the back so that I can get it ready to send to my quilter (well, not my quilter, but the one I use).  I will clean and reorganize this room, I promise.  Really, I mean it.    I do.  Honest.  For sure.

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Pat said...

From what I can see in Blogland, there are more of us who are "messy" quilters with untidy sewing rooms than there are NEAT quilters with rooms that always look magazine-perfect!!! If hubby was home right now, I'd show him your photos so he could, once again, see that I am not the only one with a messy sewing space. LOL