Monday, October 11, 2010

OK. . . OK. . . OK. . .

I didn't get my sewing room cleaned.  So, maybe I am a slacker!  But in my defense, I'm injured!!  Strange things happen to you as you get older.  Things that you have no control over.  Things that you can't even explain.
Sometime between the time Rod left last week and the time he came home, I turned my knee.  Not the knee that usually bothers me, but the good knee.  I think it happened in bed while I was sleeping.  I think some gremlin came into my room and just twisted the h**l out of my good knee.  It hurt to sit, it hurt to stand, and it hurt to walk. So, I never made it back to the sewing room after Tuesday.

Yesterday, I lamented to Rod that I had not cleaned my room as I had planned.  And I was trying to figure out in what order I needed to finish my current projects.  Rod (gotta love him) asked me if I was having trouble finding what I needed to use for these projects.  "No," I replied.  "I know where everything is".  And in his wisdom, he replied, "Then why would you consider moving any of it right now?"  See how smart he is.  And together we decided how I would proceed with my projects:

l.  Put the last border strip on my mom's quilt top, press it and then put it away neatly for now. I will quilt it after the new baby is born.
2.  Finish the two log cabin quilts that I'm making for Kristin's former roommate who is expecting twins any      day now.
3. Work on the special quilt that I'm planning to make for my grandson, who is expected in mid-November.  I may start tracing off the appliques this week.  (If I can put down Punkin, my new Kindle)
4.  Finish the Toy Story quilt that I started for Mary.

This seems like so much to get accomplished between now and Christmas, but if I just proceed one project at a time, I should be able to get it all finished on time. (Or close to on time)   And since all that was decided, the weekend could proceed.  Saturday morning, Rod and I played lazy, talking and drinking coffee.  Saturday afternoon we went to Krissy's last game, where our team was playing the teams on which my great nephews play.  Then, home for a quick bite to eat so we could take our pills.

And to daughter Kristin's for a bonfire birthday party for step-granddaughter, Jessica.  Isn't she a beauty?  She graduated from high school in May, and is currently attending a local college and working two jobs.  It was a costume party, although we didn't dress up. Jess was dressed like an Indian -- sort of.  I don't recall their dresses being that short.  LOL.  George was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, and he really looked the part.  Kristin was dressed like a serving wench, and we all teased her about spending too much time on Captain Jack's lap. She's beginning to look like she swallowed a hot air balloon. But we had a good time, and Kristin made a really good guacamole dip that had egg salad layered with it - I know it sounds weird, but it was really delicious.  And so much other good food.  We left about 9:00, but the party went much later than that.

Sunday was an awesome day.  We Did Nothing!!!  I love days where Rod and I spend the whole day doing nothing.  Well, maybe not nothing!!  I read on my Kindle, played Facebook games, and then read more on my Kindle.  Rod watched football, played Facebook games, and checked his eyelids for holes.  The twins joined us (and cooked) BBQ'd pork chops, potatoes grilled with parsley and chives, and Brussels sprouts with cheese sauce.  Maybe not real healthy, but oh so good.  All in all, it was a great weekend, and I hated hearing the alarm go off this morning, telling us it was Monday.  Oh, well.  Time marches on.

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