Monday, October 4, 2010

Sadly, Going Home

Wednesday would be our last day at Walt Disney World.  No breakfast was scheduled, since we had to pack our bags and check them for the airline at the baggage check in our resort.  We were required to be out of our room by 11:00 a.m.   Rod went to the resort food court and got each of us a danish and coffee to keep our strength up for the check-out procedures.  Bags were packed, and thank goodness I had bought a small luggage set in the hotel gift shop (a clearance price of $12.95 for two pieces) or we wouldn't have had enough room to bring everything home.  We checked our bags for the airplane, and then checked our carry-ons with the resort baggage check.  Pam and Pat were already at the park, so we boarded the bus for EPCOT.  We had a lunch reservation for 1:20 at LeCellier, and were meeting Mary's family there.  Pam and Pat had spent time at the aquarium before we got to the park, but revisited with Rod and I when we arrived.  After this we started the walk to Canada, where we would have lunch.  I wanted to visit the China Pavilion to see the tomb warriors.

The tomb warriors are miniature replicas of the life size warriors which were created for the tomb of China's first emperor.  Each face is different, and it is believed that they were actually modeled after real life warriors.  Rod and I had seen the real-thing on a documentary we had watched on TV, and I really wanted to see Disney's miniature version.

We stopped in Germany, where there was supposed to be a new candy shop opening, however it wasn't open.  I love chocolate covered marzipan, but with the temps being so hot, I didn't think it was a good idea to buy any.  The new shop opened this past week, a week late for us.

And then it was off to Canada.  I was really looking forward to this meal since I had heard so many good things about LeCellier.  Mary had invited a friend from the Internet to join us for lunch.  The steaks were to die for.  They are topped with "Bercy Butter".  I asked our server exactly what that was -- almost wish I hadn't.  It's a special blend of butter with herbs, shallots, wine, and. . . get ready for it. . . . marrow.  Ewwww.  Just the thought of it.  But it was soooo good.  For our appetizer, I got the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, and it was really good.  Then came my steak with some sort of potato gratin, which I didn't care for.  And for dessert, I got the maple creme brulee.  I've never met a creme brulee that I didn't like.  Rod, however, chose the chocolate mousse.  What else would you think this was???  It was the chocolate mousse with maple candy ears.  Mmmm, he shared a bite with me and it was as delicious as I had heard.

Yes, Mary's friend joined us.  He seemed to be intent on insulting everyone at the table.  I don't believe that making fun of people is funny, and that was his sort of humor.  He demanded the server to have the chef make something special for his special dietary need, even though she had already told him what was on the menu that he could eat safely.  And he totally monopolized the conversation.  Shortly after the meal began, I wished I could move to a different table from him. He couldn't understand why Rod and I didn't want our picture taken with him, and, of course, threw a snide comment about it.  We had to leave quickly as lunch took longer than we expected, and  we needed to be at our resorts for the Magical Express to go to the airport.  Boy was I glad!!  Had I had the time, I would have done a dance of joy.

We made it back to the resort in plenty of time to meet the bus, and soon we were on our way to the airport. We could see the Castle as we were leaving, and bid it a sad goodbye.  Our flight home was really incredible since we were in the air for the sunset.  It was a beautiful sunset, and then we could see lightning in the clouds in the distance.  Upon landing, we went to baggage claim to collect our bags.  Southwest advertises that they fly your bags for free, and that's the truth.  What they don't say is that they damage them for free also.  We had one suitcase that they broke the handle off of and lost, they broke the hard plastic luggage tag in half, and broke a mug that was packed in an insulated cooler inside the bag.  And, would do nothing about it.  So beware,  although bags fly free, they aren't treated with respect.

But, all in all, it was a wonderful vacation.  I'm glad to be home, but hope to go back someday.


Pat said...

While you had a lot of fun on this trip, there sure were a few "clunker" moments along the way, weren't there? *sigh*

forever said...

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