Friday, October 8, 2010

It's My Birthday a Week Early

In a way, I love growing older.  Bite my tongue, you say.  But, let me explain.  When I was younger, money was tight, and Rod's idea of a  gift wasn't very imaginative.  Let me see, one year for Mother's Day I got a package of socks.  Oh sure, I needed them. . . but for Mother's Day.

But as I've gotten older, he's gotten so much better.  Like last Christmas, I opened one of my gifts to find a light box.  It was a wonderful gift.  I'd been using a home-made one (a wooden slat box with a Christmas tree kit from our ceramic days inside, and a piece of plexi-glass on top).  The new light box was something he thought of all by himself, and daughter Mary ordered it and had it shipped to her house so that it would be a great surprise.  And for sure it was.

My birthday is next week, no don't applaud.  Rod got home from his business trip a day early and was here yesterday.  And guess what arrived in the mail yesterday . . . a Kindle from Amazon.  I had never even considered a Kindle, wasn't even sure what all it could do, seemed like an extravagance.  Oh, boy!!Was I wrong.  It is a wonderful little electronic device.  I used to love to read.  However, when I hold a book or magazine now, my hands go to sleep.  Don't know why, but they do.  This Kindle is thin, very light weight, and can be held with just one hand. And as I read the directions (yes I do that), I found that you can download books directly from the Internet in just seconds.  I haven't paid much attention to what books have been published lately, but you can be sure that I will be from now on.  If you have any recommendations, please share.

What would be my first download?   I thought and thought, and finally decided to download a book written by one of my favorite people.  I love to watch The View because of Whoopie Goldberg.  And the other day, they were talking about her new book entitled "Is It Just Me".  So far, it's a great read, full of Whoopie's major pet peeves put across in a comic, yet thought provoking manner.

And now, I have an Amazon wish list.  The first item on my wish list is a light cover to protect my new Kindle, and provide a lighted area in which to read it. You know that orange is my favorite color, and so this cover is just made for me!  Daughter Mary suggested I download a cookbook to the Kindle, and then just take the Kindle to the kitchen with me.  Isn't she smart??  I looked at romance novels since I really love historical romances.  Wow, what a selection.  Although, I have to admit, some seem a little graphic for my tastes.  So, now I need to look for some historical novels that take place during the Revolutionary War.

But, there's one thing left to do and that is to name this little gem.  Hmmm, what would be a good name?  I'm thinking maybe Pumpkin, since the cover I want is orange, I got it in the fall which is my favorite time of year, and "pumpkin" is sometimes used as a term of endearment, not to mention one of my best loved things to eat.  Sounds good, maybe I'll just use "Punkin".  Yep, that's it.  Well, signing off now to go spend time with my new friend, Punkin.


Pat said...

I'm sure you and Punkin will spend many happy hours together!!! ENJOY!!!

JustCindy said...

Happy birthday! Lacy has one of those and she loves it. I think Punkin' sounds like a great name.