Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I've Changed My Mind . . . Guess the Wind Changed Direction

A few days ago, I told you about a swap I was in and about the fabric I had received.  I also said I was going to make a Rose of Sharon quilt.  Well, the book arrived, and the more I looked at those patterns, the less I liked them.  I really love doing Sampler Quilts by hand, and so have decided to make still another sampler quilt.  However, I have decided to do all new blocks -- ones that I have never done before.  So, yesterday I got onto my favorite block site:  http://www.quilterscache.com, and picked out some of the blocks that I thought would be pleasing to the eye when finished, and a little challenging for me.

This block is called "Linda's Block".  Can you guess why I picked this one?  My colors will be different from what's pictured here, but I love the star in a star.

This is another block that I chose.  It's called "Wheel of Time".  I really liked this block because it is a variation of Card Trick.  When Rod and I went to our very first quilt show, he was awestruck by a Card Trick quilt that was done in purples.  This block will be for him.

This block is called "Celtic Sunrise", and I think it's just beautiful.  My mother-in-law (God rest her soul) was of Irish descent, and loved everything Irish.  This block will always remind me of her

And this block is called "Birds of Paradise".  I had never seen this block before, and I think it really does look like the bird of paradise flowers.  My sister loved these flowers, as does daughter Mary.  This block will be for them.

I usually do 12 blocks with sashing for a quilt that measures approximately 45"x60", but I had a hard time just choosing 12 blocks.  So, it appears that this quilt will be maybe 20 blocks.  I guess it will depend on how much time I put into it since our finished quilt (size is our choice) is supposed to be finished and posted by March 1, 2011.

There they are. . . the first 4 blocks that I'm planning to do.  Rod is out of town this week, and I'm hoping to get the sewing room cleaned and better organized.  It's quite a disaster, and if I'm going to complete even half of the projects I was to do before Christmas, it needs to be spit-spot.  Perhaps later this week, I'll post before and after shots of the sewing room.  Have a sewy week.

Just wanted to add that the photos/drawings of the quilt blocks were taken from the quilterscache.com website.  Didn't want any confusion.

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Pat said...

Nice choice of blocks! I'll look forward to seeing them in your colors as you work on them.