Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And Another Item Crossed Off

I am moving right along.  The three Christmas stockings that I had to make are finished and ready to be crossed off the list.

Got the bad news yesterday that Rod will be going out of town for a week.  A WEEK!!!!  I don't like it when my Roddy is away from home.  He doesn't like it either, but when work calls you answer (or you don't work).  What a nice break for him.  The weather forecast for our area for next week is highs in the 20's and it's been snowing here for what seems to be forever.  But the lucky duck, Rod, will be greeted with temps in the 60's.  He won't, however, be seeing my cheerful face!!

So, today, I'm trying to decide what I want to have for dinner next week.  My knee still isn't real good, so it will have to be easy and quick.  I've decided to boil some pasta and measure it into containers (only what my diabetic serving is allowed to be).  Then I can add tuna and hard cooked egg for a tuna pasta salad;  faux crab meat, peas, and chopped celery for a seafood salad; and lots of fresh veggies, salad supreme, some turkey pepperoni and creamy Italian dressing for a traditional pasta salad.  Then I can add some soup and crackers for a really simple easy and nutritious meal.  I always keep hard cooked eggs in the fridge.  Izzy calls them breakfast eggs, since we usually have one for breakfast.  They are a great snack.

I also need to hunt out my pattern for a christening suit for Jacob.  Kris has asked me to make his outfit for his christening after the first of the year.  This is the pattern that I have for a boy.  I made the suit on the bottom left for Bubby. It was made of bridal satin and  I quilted the vest before I attached it to the suit.  Rather than make the little booties,  I took a pair of white socks and sewed little white ducky buttons on them,

I think I'll try the suit on the right for Jacob.  It has little pintucks on the bodice.  I just need to decide which fabrics I want to work with.  Guess I should finish all my Christmas projects before I start planning something new.

Stay warm and sew your heart out.

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Sorry to hear your dh has to be out of town but just think of all the sewing you will get done with all the free time! I hope you will post pics of the christening gown - sounds like a very ambitious project!