Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tis the Day After Christmas. . .

Tis the day after Christmas,
And how I do sigh.
I ate way too much sugar,
And my numbers are high.

There were cookies and candy,
Which I can’t resist.
They went into my mouth
With a twist of my wrist.

They tasted too yummy,
It’s OK, I say
I’ll eat just a bit
And do better next day.

 The caramels were buttery
  I savored each bite.
The chocolate covered toffee. . .
It tasted just right.

I now have a headache
And am feeling quite poor
When will I learn?
I know better, I’m sure.

Today I’ve scolded
Myself every hour.
I’m not wanting sympathy
Just a little will power.

So starting tomorrow,
A good girl I’ll be.
I’ll follow my diet
And, better I’ll be.

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