Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Morning, Sun

Good morning trees, and creeping grass and buzzing bees.  How did you find out it was day?  Who told you night had gone away?  I'm wide awake, I'm up now too.  I'll be right out to play with you.

We used to sing this song in grade school, and I loved it.  But, unless I move the ironing board out onto the deck, there will be no playing outside for me today.  With not feeling well last week, I accomplished very little.  After being away from the kids all last week, Kristin has the next two days at home with them.  So as we say in farm country, I have to make hay while the sun shines.  Today, I have to iron 4 quilts and begin to sandwich them for quilting.  It's not really sandwiching, since I put them on fleece; but I still have to pin them together while smoothing out the wrinkles and not stretching the fleece.  I'm getting really anxious to get these finished so that I can move onto to something new (or old).

Four months from now, I will be having breakfast with Donald Duck in Animal Kingdom and getting ready to do the safari.  Yes, we're preparing for another trip to Disney, and I'm getting more excited as the days go on.  We're planning on redoing our old favorites, and also trying some new things.  We save our loose change in a bank to use for tips and spending money, and thus far, we have $65.00.  We've read so many negative things lately about people using the Disney bus system with scooters, so this year we plan to rent a car.

Well, I'm off to start my day.  Hope yours is sunny.


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