Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away . . . Please

Geez, I'm so sick of rain that I could spit, but that would just be more water!  Our local weatherman said yesterday that they consider a sunny day to be one where it is sunny from sun up to sun down.  Here in western Pennsylvania, we have had a grand total of .... wait for it ...... here it comes ..... 5 sunny days this entire year. How can that be?  Where can all this wetness be coming from?  It's like when you have a really bad cold, and you wonder where all that "wetness" can be coming from.

Speaking of colds, I have another.  Jake has come down with RSV Virus, and is getting breathing treatments every four hours.  He was really miserable on Monday, really congested and wheezing.  At one point, I swear he coughed for nearly 10 minutes.  He also has an ear infection and is getting an antibiotic for that. The worse thing about it all is that Kristin left last night for a veterinary conference in Maryland, and will be gone until Saturday.  She didn't have a choice about going.  Last year when she went to this conference, she started bleeding and had to come home.  So, she needed the educational credits to avoid losing her license.  Jake has a great daddy who does whatever needs to be done, and is taking great care of the kids while Kris is gone.  But it doesn't make being away from the kids any easier for her.  Yesterday I didn't have the kids, and could have done so much sewing, but basically I slept most of the day.  We made French Onion Soup for dinner, and  I feel a little better today.  I even managed to get most of the bandana quilt put together.

Rod has his surgery for another skin cancer on his nose on Friday, so please keep him in your prayers.  Will keep you posted.  Trying to stay dry and warm,


JustCindy said...

Poor Jake! I bet his mommy sure wishes she was there to help Dad. I will be thinking and praying for you and Rod.

Nancy said...

It's so bad when babies are feel absolutely helpless..

Hope all goes well for Rod on friday..

Pat said...

Sorry little Jake is having health issues and hope he is recovered soon. I feel for your husband having that surgery...I've had two pretty large incisions for skin on my forehead and another at the base of my throat....and neither procedure was pleasant. Too bad we didn't know years ago about sun damage (and that is when we all got this damage...years ago). *sigh*