Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Think I Can!

I think I can, I think I can finish all the Saddle Up Quilts by the deadline.  The Saddle Up is the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, and I'm shooting for 4 quilts this year.  The farm quilt is ready to iron and sandwich;  the bandana quilt is ready to iron and sandwich; the John Deere quilt needs borders and then will be ready to iron and sandwich; and the Teddy Bear Panel is ready to iron and sandwich.  So guess what I will be doing this weekend --yep, ironing.  Today, I also got the binding ready to put on my Mom's quilt.  She's leaving the skilled nursing home and returning to her assisted living home on Tuesday, and I'm hoping to have the quilt on her bed when she gets there.  Have a good day.


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Pat said...

YAY for sunshiney skies. Do you notice the weather forecasters only seem wrong when they predict nice weather (and we often get bad weather instead), but when they predict a not-nice day, they are rarely wrong and we get a surprise sunshine & nice day instead? At any rate, I'm glad you have nice weather and are progressing so well on the quilts for the Saddle Up.