Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays. . . . .AGAIN!!

Is it ever going to stop raining here in western Pennsylvania???  Rain is predicted everyday for the next 10 days. We can't even cut our grass - if it does quit raining long enough, the grass is still too wet to cut.  Gonna buy me a cow, or maybe a goat, even a sheep would be nice.  But I'm afraid that with all the rain that the sheep would shrink!  (get it, wool shrinks when it gets wet).

I have finished the quilting on the John Deere quilt, and am over halfway done with the quilting on the bandana star quilt.  The John Deere quilt was pretty simple - just quilted a grid over the square blocks.  The bandana star is a little more complicated since I'm quilting inside the stars and then a stipple quilting in the outside pieces.  That leaves the churn dash farm quilt (another complicated one) and finally the John Deere teddy bear which is just an all over quilting.  I'm just taking it one block at a time.  Photos coming when they are finished.

Have a great day, and stay dry.


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Jonathan said...

Send some of that rain our way. Can't wait to see the quilts.