Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Morning, Friday

I'm so glad to see you.  Although I'm not sure why.  It will be a whirlwind weekend -- not exactly what I look forward to.  Granddaughter Krissy has a play/concert at 9:15 am on Saturday (who chose that ungodly hour?) as the finale to her Rising Star drama camp.  Then she has her first game in a softball tournament at 11:00 am, and about 20 miles away, Bubby has a baseball game at 2.  While we are out that direction, we have some items to pick up at Costco.  Then Sunday is Father's Day and we're doing a late dinner.  So I should have time to catch my breath during the day on Sunday.  I haven't been to the sewing room for a few weeks (shame in me)  and it must be thinking that I am a deserter.  Don't fret, my favorite room, I shall return.

Hope your weekend is a good one.

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JustCindy said...

I understand not sewing in weeks. I keep blaming it on the heat. Since it isn't hot in my apt. I guess I should find a different excuse. ;)