Monday, June 20, 2011

Mondays aren't always bad!

Sometimes you need Monday to recover from the weekend.  It was a whirlwind.  Saturday morning at 9:15, we had to be at the school for Krissy's performance with Rising Stars.  Rising Stars is a drama/singing camp that she has participated in for the past two years.  This year's performance was especially enjoyable because they did songs from the sixties and seventies -- just my time.  Left there, drove home for a potty call and a cup of coffee, and then to the softball field for Krissy's first game in a tournament.  They lost!  Back home for some tylenol, and a short nap to help alleviate the headache I had developed, and then to Bubby's baseball game.  Gosh it was hot and muggy with no shelter.  His team was the away team and so they were in the dugout where there is no pavilion.  After Bubby's game, we headed to Costco and emerged $284 poorer.  Back home to put things away, and Rod suggested take-out for dinner.  Sounded like a good idea to me.  Mary and family came to pick up the items we had picked up for her at Costco and the kids (and Mary) convinced Pappy to light a fire for s'mores.

Yesterday, we cleaned up the deck and ran the sweeper on the carpet.  Rod cleaned the living room and the kitchen, and Pat ran the sweeper.  Pam and I cooked the side dishes to go along with the ham that was in the smoker.  Mary brought German potato salad, and Kris brought deviled eggs.  Pam and Pat brought a cheesecake assortment for dessert and also made a blueberry pie.  Then after dinner, Izzy talked Pappy into a fire for s'mores.  My mom came out for a couple of hours, and we had a really nice day.

Today Rod and I have dr. appointments for check ups, and then hopefully we can take some time to just breathe.  Have a good week.

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JustCindy said...

I need a nap after reading about your weekend. lol