Friday, September 16, 2011


My scooter is busted!  Yep, busted!  It happened at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday, Sept. 11.  I hit a big bump, and suddenly it stopped and wouldn't go again. And I was devastated.   As a special treat for all of us, I had booked a Wishes Fireworks Cruise for Sunday evening, and without my scooter I had no way of making that cruise or dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Kona.  I began to cry, and got off the scooter.  One of the kids walked me over to a bench so I could suit down.  And then my emergency crew sprung into action.  Jimmy sat Bubby on the bench with me, and went to get him some popcorn.  Rod and the twins unloaded the scooter and turned it up on it's end to see if they could find out what was wrong, and Mary began making phone calls.  Bubby sat there munching his popcorn and telling me not to cry cause it was making him sad.

And then the popcorn spilled.  Great, another emergency.  Clean up in AdventureLand.  And suddenly, the clean up crew arrived and began to clean up the popcorn mess.  Bubby and I sat there and watched as this couple made the sidewalk look "just ducky" again.  It seemed like an eternity until someone came to talk to me.

Pat came over and said, "OK here's the plan.  I'm going to get a wheelchair for you and we're taking you to the car.  Daddy and Pam are going to push the scooter to the car.  Mary has all the information to reserve a scooter for you.  It will only be $120 for the rest of the trip and they will deliver it to the resort within an hour."  What they didn't tell me is that we were only allowed to take the wheelchair to the front entrance of the Magic Kingdom.  And we were parked at the Transportation Center.  I'm glad I didn't know.  When we got to the front of the park, Pat went over the the young lady working the wheelchair rental, and explained the situation.  Ashlee, that wonderful young lady, told Pat to take me to the Transportation Center by way of the ferry, and leave the wheelchair there.  Someone from Guest Services would bring it back to the Magic Kingdom.  Disney really does provide the best customer service I've ever experienced.  The ferry boat ride was incredible.  Mary and her family also took the ferry, and when we arrived at the TTC (Transportation center), Rod and Pam were there to meet us.  So far, so good.  I called Apple Scooter Company and gave them our room number and my credit card number and we were all set.

The scooter arrived in plenty of time for us to make our dinner reservations for Kona, and the cruise afterward.  So, what seemed to be a major disaster was just a hiccup.   I'll tell you about the cruise another day.


JustCindy said...

How cute is the clean up crew! I hope you are not without a scooter long.

Retired Knitter said...

Yes, Disney knows how to treat their customers right. That is why people keep coming back.