Monday, September 5, 2011

Gettin' There

Remember the wheelchair cover??  This is the wheel chair that I was making the cover for.  Not very impressive, huh?  But it folds, and that's a big plus because his brand new shiny chair doesn't.  So, if you recall, I was given the task of making a new cover.  And after much thinking, sketching, and remaking, I came up with a cover that everyone seems to love. Here's the before. . . . .

And here's the after!!!  Bubby loves it, Jimmy loves it, and suddenly I'm SuperGrammy.  And it's a nice feeling.

The chair is ready. . .   the neck coolers are finished and bagged. . . . I have gotten my makeover. . .  Rod has cleaned (I guess the new term is "detailed") my scooter. . .  and now we're getting ready to pack.  So, this probably good bye until I return from a much needed vacation.  Of course, if I get bored, I may be able to do some blog posts from my new best friend, my I Phone.


Nancy said...

Have a great time!! Hope you have wonderful weather and tons of fun!

Retired Knitter said...

What an interesting wheel chair. It doesn't look like the traditional chairs.