Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Wrap Up

Although my thoughts have been on Christmas gifts, I have not forgotten about my need for organization.  Yesterday, I found the cutest doll clothes patterns at  I had been following the blog of "The Scientific Seamstress" and noticed on the sidebar that she had directions for making princess dresses.  I downloaded the patterns and now have to print them out.  My plan is to put them in brightly colored report covers by use of plastic page protectors.  I ordered them online from and paid minimal shipping.  Not worth using the gas, and eliminating the temptation to spend more money.  I haven't done much physically with the organization, but have been spending a lot of time thinking about it.  Hopefully I can get started this weekend.  Saturday is Izzy's 4th birthday party and I've been elected to make German potato salad, but I hope to get started on Sunday since the Steelers don't play until Sunday night.  I have been organizing the fabric into "piles by type".  Some of the piles will go into plastic boxes and others will be put on the shelves.  I had looked online for filing cabinets, then learned that my "old" filing cabinet is in the twins' basement -- still in good shape and not being used.  So, it's coming back home.  I think all the hanging folders are still in the cabinet, which will make it nice for organizing my papers and thin books.  Today, while the kids are here, I plan to start printing the doll clothes downloads and maybe tracing the patterns onto some pattern-making fabrics that I have.  I have to start doing something besides Facebook and I Phone games.

On the Christmas Challenge front, Nancy posted this site for "pouches"  There are some really good tutorials here for some pretty cool items.  I'm bookmarking it for sure.  Have a great weekend. 

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Pat said...

Sounds like a good plan!