Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Krissy

Meet Hines Nerd - not really, it's granddaughter Krissy.  She is a big, and I mean BIG Hines Ward fan.  Here she is in her Halloween costume - she calls herself Hines Nerd.  And today she turns eleven years old.  I keep wondering where those years went.  Most days she seems so grown up, and yet every once in a while we still glimpse that little girl.  Last night when they came to trick or treat, she asked her Pappy in her little girl voice to make her some "noodle soup" (Ramen noodles).

Krissy and I have been special buddies - it's more than just Grammy and granddaughter.  When Bubby was born and in the hospital for so long, Krissy spent most of her time away from her parents with Pappy and I. When Bubby had seizures and needed to be taken to the hospital, Krissy stayed with me.  It saddened me that when he needed the shunt replacement, Krissy chose to stay with her best friend and not her Grammy.  It was a sign that she was growing up, and I understood.

Krissy, like her Mom, feels that Disney is the happiest place on earth.  She has loved meeting all the characters, but Chip and Dale are her favorites.  Here is a photo of Krissy with Dale during our 2009 trip.  Such a happy little girl!

 And, dressing as the characters is really special for her, too.  Here she is from our 2010 trip dressed up like Mary Poppins.  Mary took her by the hand and took her to some other tables to introduce her as "my twin".

And this photo is from our most recent trip in September 2011.  Look how grown up she looks in just one year.  She is totally devoted to her brother, and last year declined to participate in the Lion King show at Disney because her brother couldn't go with her.  Jimmy had taken his wheelchair out, and didn't have time to go get it.

But there is a happy ending.  This past trip, Krissy got to participate in the show, and then took her brother for the final parade march at the end of the kids' participation.

I'm so impressed with her.  She's sweet, kind, loving, happy and well adjusted.  She has fun with her friends and yet is so devoted to her family.  I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her. Happy birthday Krissy, and  I love you.

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Mary said...

She sure is something special. God truly blessed us when he gave us Krissy!