Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Being Scotch CAN Be a Good Thing!

I've told you before that I never throw anything out.  But, being part Scotch, I also try to save money whenever and wherever I can.  The ornaments for my
Advent calendar are quite small, and it just killed me to put only one on each piece of stabilizer.  So, I fiddled around with the buttons on my machine, and discovered that by moving the center to each of the four corners, I could put FOUR ornaments on each piece of stabilizer.  I was doing a happy dance.  And here's a photo of the first four ornaments still in the hoop.  It was a good day.


JustCindy said...

They are so cute! Something else I do with my scraps of stablizer is I use it during applique' if I think it might pucker. I can't wait to see your advent calender.

Tonya said...

These are beautiful, love them. I haven't mastered my applique embroidery technique yet.