Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just Checking In

Just checking in.  I've been busy as a bee . . .  a Lindabee.  It hit me yesterday that there are less than 6 months til Christmas.  Scary, huh???  Here's what I've been up to lately.  I finally finished my Farmer's Market Quilt (sorry no photos yet).  I made a patriotic wall hanging for Kristin.  (also no photos).  I search out, cut, resized and printed characters for Izzy's princess quilt, Jake's Bubble Guppies quilt, Bubby's Mario Brothers quilt, and Kristin's Star Wars quilt.  These need to be done for Christmas.  I sized a Vinylmation pattern for Krissy's quilt, chose fabrics, fused and cut out the designs.  I selected fabrics for Krissy's, Izzy's and Bubby's quilts, and ordered those fabrics.  Jake's fabrics will have to wait til next pay.  I found and sized characters for T-shirts for Krissy and Bubby for Disney.  (They have no idea that they're going).  And I squared the Spin Cycle blocks for Pam's quilt.  I am the Queen Bee of multitasking!  I don't believe on working on one project at a time.

But the most fun thing that I've been up to is creating a coupon book for Mary's kids for the Disney trip.  As I said before, the kids don't know that the trip to Disney in late September is in their future.  I decided to make them a coupon book.  This is the first coupon that will be in the book.  As the plan stands now, Mary and family will come here for pizza the night before we leave.  (Fast and no cleanup)  Then we will give them the coupon book and the first coupon will let them know that the next morning they will be boarding the plane for Orlando.

I've made 20 coupons for the book, including coupons or invitations for ice cream bars, popcorn, character meals, rides, attractions, and the Halloween party.  I've had so much fun working with my graphics program.  It's outdated, I'm not sure you can even buy it anymore.  But I love it.  I've been working with transparency, adding photos, moving and tilting text and much more.

And while we're talking about Disney, I've added ads to my blog in an attempt to earn a little extra spending for our trip.  By clicking on the ads when you visit, you can help feed my piggy bank.  Have a great day.

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JustCindy said...

I can't believe you said that! So nasty talking about Christmas being in less than 6 months. The kids will pass out from excitement. Tell Mary take lots of pics.