Friday, June 29, 2012

WAHOOOO!!! Fabric has Arrived.

And now, let the sewing begin.  It's supposed to be a hot and humid weekend, and I intent to spend my weekend in the cool of the air conditioning with my sewing machine.

This is the fabric I chose for the sashing for Krissy's vinylmation quilt.  I just couldn't resist Minnie.  The appliques will be placed on a solid yellow, just the color of the hearts.  And the cornerstones will be white with red dots.

Vinlymation are available in the gift shops in the park as well as in the online Disney store.  After purchasing one that you don't like or already have, you have the option to trade it.  Krissy has quite a collection, and really loves them.  (she still lets Jake and Izzy play with them though.

I'm also planning on finding using the camera to take some photos of my projects in progress.  Stay cool this weekend.  

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