Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Neck Wallets are Done, well almost.

I still have to sew the Velcro on.  I'm doing it by hand since I sewed one of the pockets shut when I used the machine yesterday.  Here's a few shots:

This is the back of my Finding Nemo wallet.  You can see there's a pocket in the back for my IPhone, and two pockets for pens or Sharpies.

This is the front of the wallets.  You can see the bottom panel is made of clear vinyl.  I chose this fabric for the binding because I love orange, and these looked a little like bubbles to me.

The twins chose Sheriff Woody fabric for their wallets.  I chose to use fabric with branding symbols on it for the binding.

This is the inside of the wallets.  I put a pen into the top pocket, just to show that there is one, and the zipper pocket is just underneath.  And of course, you can see the vinyl pocket on the bottom.

This is Bubby's Buzz Lightyear.
And here's the last two.  The Lion King wallet is for Krissy, and the pink Mickey Mouse is Mary's.

The pictures don't show the swivel hook very clearly, but they are there.  I wanted a wallet that would attach to the lanyard that I use to put my pins on.  But there are so many other uses.  The hook works really well to attach the wallet to the grocery cart, thus freeing up your hands for shopping. Your driver's license, and debit and credit cards can be put in the vinyl pocket, and cash can be stowed in one of the other pockets.  On the back, stash your grocery list and a pen for crossing off the items as you pick them up.  After my trip, I plan to make some out of other fabrics.


Pat said...

These are great. Is there a pattern available for sale for these? GOOD job, Linda!!!

JustCindy said...

I love them! You have been staying busy sewing.