Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Tabulation

My accomplishments for the past week:

        Cut and pressed my towels for the towel swap.  They are now ready to hem, and then I can start the embroidery designs (hopefully this coming weekend.)

        With Pat and Pam:  printed, cut out, peeled and pressed the transfers onto our Disney shirts.

        With Pat, Pam and Mary:  Did the tie dyed shirts for Disney.  The Mickey heads on some didn't turn out right, so I appliqued a Mickey head over the muffed one.

          Finished the appliqued Disney shirts for Pat, Pam and Mary.  Appliqued heat set crystals to Mary's Minnie Nerd shirt, and to the crowns on the twins' Twincess shirts.

I still want to make a few more neck coolers, and I have to print envelopes for our housekeeping tips before our trip which begins three weeks from today.

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c. Joy said...

You are one busy woman. I'm inspired.