Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Project

Isn't it funny how when you need a new project, there is one that presents itself!  I needed a project that I could work on by hand during the day when the kids are here.  I have a niece (she's my godchild) that will be getting married in May, and she dropped a few hints that she would like a quilt.  I loved making hexies, but never did anything with them.  So, I searched Pinterest (what did I do before Pinterest?) and found just what I needed.  I decided on these hexie flowers.  My niece said her favorite colors are pink and blue.  I'm not planning on making all the flowers alike, but all will be pink and blue.  The flower measures 13" across, and I think I will applique the flowers onto 18" blocks.  I'm going to do a quilt as you go technique to put them together, and will make 25 blocks.  The quilt will then be 90" x 90", not counting the sashings and a possible border which should be just right for queen size bed.  Here's the first one.

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