Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gotta Love Those Notions!

Have you seen these before?   Do you know what they are???

Silly me - I thought they were hair clips, and couldn't understand why they were in my quilting catalogs.

Then I saw this photo, and decided that I needed some of these. They are called "binding clips".  I guess it's because you use them to hold your binding in place while you're sewing.  So I bought them.  Evidently, my granddaughters thought they were hair barrettes also, because they used them for dolls, for holding fabric together when they do their fashion shows, and I have no idea what else.  All I know is that I can only find a handful of the bazillion I ordered.

I'm working on my new hexie project, and seem to be all thumbs.  So, I dug out two of the clips that I could find, and started using them to hold the first side of the fabric where this person is using paper clips.  I like the binding clips because they release easily and don't catch the fabric.  I sew the side opposite the clip first and it holds the fabric tight.

And then I discovered that when I'm sewing the hexies together as in this photo, if I used the clips on the side adjacent to the one I'm sewing, I don't have any slippage and it is more comfortable for me.

See, gotta love those notions!

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