Friday, January 25, 2013

R.I.P. Houdini

Can't say that I'm sorry to wish Houdini a long rest in peace.  Yes it's true.  Last night the little sneak died, perhaps of natural causes, because he was found dead but outside the trap.  I had heard him chewing on a wrapper from a pack of cheese crackers that had fallen out of the trash can.  And then he was dead.  Perhaps he couldn't breath after eating the cellophane, or maybe he just choked on the peanut butter he had been stealing.  But whatever the cause, the annoying little varmint is dead.  Rod is the king - Long Live the King.

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Pat said...

OOOOOO....he is creepy looking (even though I know he is just a tiny little thing). I, too, am glad your Houdini is a thing of the past and I hope his brothers and sisters and parents and cousins don't come visiting there, either!