Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Call Me Doofus . . . with a Capital D

I've been working on capes for the grand kids from a page that I had pinned on Pinterest.  The original pinner had posted a drawing of how to cut the cape pattern along the fold.  Sounds simple enough.  But, do you know what happens when you are drawing an arc which ends at the fold????
 Just picture that you are drawing a heart on the fold.  And because the arc doesn't end flat at the fold you get this little inward dip.  Well, that's what the cape looked like - an upside heart.  So, I had to cut part of it off so that the arc ended straight at the center fold.  Of course I didn't realize that until after the fabric was cut. So, Doofus had to re-cut the capes to eliminate that inward dip. But they ended up looking OK.

I had ordered some metallic thread, and thought how "super" it would look to top-stitch the edges of the capes with the metallic thread.  I don't use metallic thread very often, and didn't remember that it works best with a metallic needle.  So, after several breaks of the thread, a light bulb appeared and I knew I had to find the metallic needles I purchased years ago.  Where would those needles be?  Of course, I said, with the metallic thread.  But noooo, they weren't there.  Just on a whim, I opened up the plastic box where I store all my needles, and Voila, there was the pack of metallic needles.  Why wouldn't I have looked there first?  Can you say Doofus!!!  But the capes are finally done. This is Krissy's and I topstitched with one of the patterns from my machine.  The photo is a bad quality, but you get the idea - right!  Now Izzy wants a mask.  It will have to wait til the weekend

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