Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Checking In

It's been a few days since my last post, so I thought I'd check in.  I finished the kids' capes, and they had a great time playing "superhero".  It's funny how they can put things together.  They were superheroes playing house, you know it was sort of like The Incredibles, each with their own super power.

I had wanted to buy something for myself with a bit of the money that was left from Mom's life insurance.  Mary had been talking about the Kindle Paper White, and how she hoped to get one when she sold her books back after then end of this semester.  I was fascinated with the light, and so checked into it.  And decided that's what I needed.  It's smaller than my other Kindle, so now I need to make a nice bag to fit it.  Mary is graduating from Drexel this weekend with her Master's Degree in Elementary Ed., and in checking discovered that she didn't have enough coming back from her books to buy the Paper White she wanted.  Don't you think this would make an excellent graduation gift??

Today I am starting a new project - baby quilts for twin girls.  One of the technicians from the vet clinic where Kristin works recently gave birth to twin girls.  Kris asked me if I would make quilts for them, and since twin girls are so close to my heart, I couldn't say no.  When my girls were little, I made sock monkeys for them and decided that sock monkeys would be great.  I went to one of my favorite embroidery design websites and searched for "filled sock monkeys".  JuJu had several different packages, and since her prices and specials are so reasonable, I purchased three packages.  (One of them here).  I ordered fabric from ebay, this orange and a lime green to match for the sashing.  Today I begin the embroidery.  Have a great day.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, you'll love your Paperwhite. I've had mine for awhile and love it!! I had the original one, then 2nd one........I keep passing them on the the grandkids.......and now the paperwhite. And I use JuJu too, great stuff there!